Six Flags Over Texas Coupons & Special Offers

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to visit Six Flags. In fact, you can enjoy discounts on admission, parking and much more when you claim your Six Flags Over Texas coupons below! All of your savings are right here, and what's even better is that you can purchase and print your tickets and other discounts from home, so there's no need to wait in line when you get to the park! You can enjoy savings all season long, so check back often to see the latest offers! Click on the links below for two of the many ways you can save right now.

Six Flags Over Texas Coupons:

  • 2013 Season Pass : Get the most value from all your Six Flags visits in 2013 when you purchase a Season Pass! At just $64.99, your pass will be paid for in fewer than two visits. Buy 4 or more season passes, and save $10 each pass!
  • Everyone Pays Kids' Price : It's easy to feel like a kid again when you're at Six Flags. But now, you can pay like a kid, too! When you take advantage of this online special, you'll get into the park for just $44.99 through September 15. This offer is a great way to experience all the fun and excitement of Six Flags at a discount!

Experience Fun At Hyper-Speed When You Visit Six Flags Over Texas

As soon as you enter the gates at Six Flags, you know you're going to have an unforgettable day. But how much greater would it be, knowing that you were saving a bundle on every laugh and scream? Well, now you can! Awesome discounts on just about everything in the park are right here. So whether you plan to visit all season or just stay for a day, whether it's just you or the whole crew, you can do it all at a discount!

Pack In The Fun With The Flash Pass

There's nothing more exciting than getting on your favorite Six Flags ride. But did you ever wish you didn't have to wait in a long line first? If you're someone who wants to get the most thrills from your day at Six Flags, then the Flash Pass is a great timesaver! This electronic ride reservation system lets you explore the rest of the park while you're waiting to ride. When it's your turn to hop on, the device lets you know. You can use your Flash pass for 13 of the best rides in the park, and at prices starting from just $39.00, you can save a bundle, too!

At Six Flags Over Texas Is Ready To Satisfy Your Thirst For Thrills

Here in Texas, everything's big. And there's no more exciting place than the Lone Star State to experience the fastest, wildest rides in the country! Coaster lovers of all kinds will love what's in store at Six Flags Over Texas. Adrenaline-pumping fun, jaw-dropping speeds and gut-wrenching dives are just the tip of the iceberg! Here's a preview of the fun that's waiting at Over Texas:

  • Shock Wave – Standing almost 12 stories tall, and delivering a top speed of 60 mph, Shock Wave is still a favorite of Six Flags fans, even after 30+ years! Travel along 2,500 feet of steel track that includes humongous back-to-back loops, and get ready for some wild turns as you experience the intensity of this former world's tallest coaster!

  • Texas Giant – Prepare for 2013, when this monstrous coaster will be back in action! The Texas Giant will make its debut during Over Texas's 50th anniversary celebrations with enhancements that give you even more bang for your buck! A record-breaking 95-degree bank, the highest drop of any wooden coaster at 79 degrees and speeds of up to 65 mph are just a taste of what coaster fans are in for!

  • Titan – Are you brave enough to board this behemoth? At over 25 stories tall with screaming speeds that exceed 85 mph, Titan is ready to crush your tough exterior with 3.5 minutes of sheer terror! This beast will rocket you through a 120 foot tunnel, and sweep you along spirals and curves on the 5,312 steel track before it's done with you!

  • Batman: The Ride – Get ready to be taken on the ride of a lifetime! Batman: The Ride will show you what it's like to see Gotham City at high speed. Watch the earth blur by your dangling feet as you travel almost 11 stories, and up to 50mph through Gotham's streets and tunnels!

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