Six Flags Over Georgia Coupons & Special Offers

What's better than taking yourself to Six Flags? Taking the entire crew! And with these awesome Six Flags Over Georgia coupons, you can treat any number of friends and family to a terrific time! All the deals you could ever imagine are right here, and they can be yours! Just locate the discounts you want by clicking on the links below; you can save on tickets, food, merchandise and much more!

Six Flags Over Georgia Coupons:

  • Everyone Pays Kids Price Special online only deal:  When you take advantage of Six Flags' online pay, print, go system, you'll never have to pay adult prices again plus you'll get to go straight to the gate without waiting in line to pay full price.

  • 2013 Season Passes : This remains one of the great ways to save at Six Flags! For only $49.99 when you purchase 4 or more passes, visit for an unlimited number of times all season long.  Plus receive free tickets to share with friends on select days.  Combo passes available for White Water & Over Georgia.

Your Destination For Family Fun Is At Six Flags Over Georgia

No matter the time of year, you can enjoy one thrill after another when you visit Six Flags. But the best part is, you can get it all for a fraction of the regular price, just by clicking any of the links above! Even if you're only planning to stay for a day, you can save tons of time and money. That's because we're your doorway to all kinds of coupons. And yes, every single one is recognized by Six Flags, so all you have to do is choose your savings and bring them with you! It's never been more fun to save.

Love To Ride But Don't Like The Wait? Try The Flash Pass

If you've been to Six Flags before, you know what it's like to want to ride all your favorite rides at the same time. And there's nothing more frustrating than waiting in a long line for a ride and watching the time tick away. If only you could be in two places at once! Well, with the Flash Pass, you can! This virtual ride reservation system will actually hold your place in line, letting you explore the rest of the park until it's your turn to ride! You can use the Flash Pass on 18 of Six Flags Over Georgia's most popular rides. Buy online or at the park, and get your ride on!

Quench Your Need For Speed With A Ride On These Unforgettable Coasters

If you're in the mood to get twisted, turned around, looped and dropped, Six Flags Over Georgia is only too happy to oblige! Choose your thrills from 10 of the coolest coasters ever! But no matter which ones you pick, we predict a good, screaming, twisty turning time! Here's just a bit of what's in store when you decide to take us on:

  • The Great American Scream Machine – If the name doesn't say enough, the ride will convince you that wooden coasters can still offer up plenty of nerve-bending dives, twists and turns! The Scream Machine is one of the world's longest and tallest coasters, and it's ready to rock you along 3,800 feet of wooden track at up to 55 mph! 40 million people have conquered this beast since 1973. Will you be next?

  • The Georgia Scorcher – G-force is the name of the game on this 11-story tall monster. Share your terror with other standing riders – yes, we said standing – as you experience 4Gs through a figure eight, a corkscrew and two vertical loops at a top speed of 54 mph! Nerves of steel are mandatory for this one!

  • Goliath – Even tough guys will think twice about boarding this bully! So big that it wouldn't fit into the park, Goliath gives riders a view from both inside and outside the Over Georgia gates. Stretching over 8.5 acres and massive at over 20 stories tall, this 70 mph steel coaster sets the bar high with never-ending spirals, drops and hills that defy gravity, and high bank turns you won't soon forget!

  • Georgia Cyclone – Ever wonder what it's like to be in the middle of one of nature's most violent storms? Try the Georgia Cyclone on for size! For a mind-bending 1 minute and 48 seconds, this wooden monster will make you feel every one of its 50 mph turns and drops. It's the South's only twister coaster, and we promise you'll white-knuckle it all the way!

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