Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons & Special Offers

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Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons:

  • Daily Tickets : Save over $20 on each ticket when you order online and print at home! Grab your daily tickets for just $36.99 when you purchase from the web site!

  • 2013 Season Passes : Single passes are just $64.99 each, when you purchase 4 or more season passes! Enjoy all the perks of season pass ownership, including $300 in park savings!

Six Flags Great Adventure – 2 Kinds Of Fun At The Nation's Largest Six Flags Park - Jackson, New Jersey

What's better than a Six Flags theme park? A Six Flags theme park with a Wild Safari right next door! Offering an awesome combination of rides, shows, and nature's majesty, Great Adventure truly has something for everyone! Stay all day at Six Flags for the thrills of a lifetime on the coasters and attractions, or jump over to the Wild Safari and experience the real wild life! It's all waiting for you, and so are the discounts when you click on the links above!

Wild Safari Lets You Experience The African Savannah Without Ever Leaving New Jersey

Have you ever looked a lion in the eye or hand-fed a baby giraffe? At Wild Safari, you can! At an incredible 350 acres, this nature preserve belongs to over 1,100 exotic animals, including elephants, rhinoceros and kangaroos! You can take the whole family on the auto trail, where for 4.5 miles, these beautiful creatures get the chance to visit you. It's sure to be the experience of a lifetime for everyone in your group! But the education doesn't stop there; children get the opportunity to learn hands-on about the importance of conservation by hanging out with trainers and keepers.

Experience Award-Winning Thrills At Six Flags Great Adventure

Who decides which coasters are the best? Ultimately, the fans! And at Great Adventure, you get award-winning thrills with the tallest, fastest, screamingest rides the world has ever seen! If you think you're ready for the ultimate coaster experience, this is definitely the place to visit. Take a look at what's in store when you visit Great Adventure:

  • Nitro – One of Great Adventure's newest additions, and a 2010 Golden Ticket Award winner for the #3 steel coaster, Nitro will blow your mind as it rockets you over 200 feet in the air, and then 215 feet back down at almost 80 mph! More than one mile of twisted steel track features the "hammer head", a series of tight twists and turns that will leave you weak in the knees!

  • Kingda Ka – This world-record-breaking monster is a ride you won't want to miss! Experience what it's like to go from 0 to 128 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Then, get ready for the fastest 45-story trip you've ever taken! But don't think it's done with you yet; there's a 270 degree spiral waiting for you at the bottom. At 59 seconds, it's an adrenaline rush like no other!

  • El Toro – One of the fastest and tallest wooden coasters in the world, El Toro has won the 2010 Golden Ticket Award for #2 wooden coaster. Featuring the steepest descent of nearly 18 stories, and a top speed of 70 mph, El Toro combines lightning fast drops with high-banked turns and a twister finish to shake, rattle and roll you for over 2 minutes!

  • Superman: Ultimate Flight – Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Wonder no more once you've experienced Superman: Ultimate Flight! The only coaster of its kind in the Northeast, this unique creation features face-down seating and catapults you through curves, spirals, and a 360-degree roll at speeds of up to 60 mph! This coaster has kept fans coming back since 2003, and once you've ridden it, you'll understand why!

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